Suimi Jiding- Chopped Chicken with Green Pepper

This dish has a similar flavor to Gung Bao Jiding. It is a modern dish that is eaten with a steamed corn flour bread in the shape of a cone. Because of this manner of eating it, it is compared to a hamburger.

  • Chicken breast (150 g)
  • Crispy peanuts, chopped (30 g)
  • Pickled small, green peppers, juice reserved (about the size of thai chilies) (30 g)*
  • Pickled red peppers (20 g)*
  • Ya cai (fermented bean sprout) (8 g)
  • Scallions (10 g)
  • Salt (2 g)*
  • Soy sauce (8 g)
  • Vinegar (3 g)
  • Sugar (2 g)
  • Cooking wine (5 g)
  • Gourmet powder (1 g)*
  • Stock (20 g)
  • Starch (20 g)*
  • Oil


  1. Dice chicken into very small cubes.
  2. Chop peanuts.
  3. Seed pickled red and green peppers. Mince separately.
  4. Chop white of scallion.
  5. Marinate chicken in salt, soy for color, dry starch, a little water and cooking wine. Stir until liquid is absorbed. Add a little cold oil to separate pieces.
  6. In a bowl, combine salt, gourmet powder, starch, soy for color, vinegar, sugar, cooking wine and stock for sauce.


  1. Season wok.
  2. Add cold oil. Add chicken and stir quickly to separate.
  3. Add red pepper and stir fry until fragrant.
  4. Add green pepper, fermented bean sprouts and scallions. Stir fry.
  5. Add sauce.
  6. Remove when sauce is thickened and oil is clear.


  1. Plate chicken on a dish. Ring chicken with corn bread cones.
  2. Scoop chicken into cones and enjoy!


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