Guoba Roupian- Sliced Pork with Crispy Rice

The first time we ordered this dish, we had it delivered from the local restaurant. Ian and I both agreed that it had a wonderful combination of vegetables, and a delicious sauce. However, we had missed out on one of the most important factors of the dish- the presentation of the crispy rice. When served fresh at a restaurant, the pork and vegetables are poured over the freshly fried crispy rice resulting in a loud sizzle or, as Chef Li calls it “clap of thunder”. The crunchy rice slowly soaks up the sauce, and while delicious loaded down, are better crisp. This dish belongs to the “lychee” category of dishes. While no lychees are actually used, the name comes from its sour and sweet sauce (sour before sweet as the dish should be). If you like, you can add lychees as well as pineapple.

  • Crispy rice (100 g)
  • Pork, tenderloin (75 g)
  • Button mushroom (20 g)
  • Bamboo shoots (20 g)
  • Wood ear fungus (20 g)
  • Seasonal leafy green (30 g)
  • Pickled chili pepper (6 g)
  • Salt (3 g)*
  • Ginger (3 g)
  • Garlic (3 g)
  • Scallions, medium sized (8 g)
  • Cooking wine (10 g)*
  • Soy sauce (10 g)*
  • Sugar (20 g)*
  • Vinegar (20 g)*
  • Gourmet powder (1 g)*
  • Wet starch (30 g)*
  • Stock/water
  • Oil

*Amounts are estimates.


  1. Tear wood ear mushrooms into small chunks.
  2. Remove outer leaves from leafy green.
  3. Thinly slice mushrooms and bamboo shoots.
  4. Slice ginger into thin pieces like small tiles.
  5. Thinly slice garlic.
  6. Cut scallions and pickled chilies into horse ears.
  7. Trim pork and slice into thin pieces about the size of dominoes.
  8. Marinate pork in salt, cooking wine and wet starch.
  9. Combine sugar, salt, gourmet powder, vinegar, soy sauce, wet starch, stock and wine together to make sauce. Mix well and set aside.


This dish will require two woks. One with oil ready to deep fry the crispy rice and one to cook the pork. The two must be very hot in order to get the “clap of thunder”.

  1. Season wok.
  2. Heat fresh oil.
  3. Add pork and stir fry.
  4. Add ginger, garlic, pickled pepper and scallion. Stir fry until fragrant.
  5. Add wood ear, mushrooms, leafy green and bamboo.
  6. Stir sauce and slowly pour into wok. Increase temperature slightly.
  7. Taste and season as necessary.
  8. Stir gently until sauce is thickened. Add more wet starch if needed.
  9. Heat oil to a very high temperature (190-200º). When oil is smoking heavily, fry crisp rice chunks. (If the oil is not hot enough or the crispy rice is not dry enough, the rice will become hard, not crispy.)
  10. Place freshly fried rice on a platter.
  11. Pour hot pork over rice. Eat immediately.

Dish checklist:

  • Is the flavor sour first, then sweet?
  • Is the pork tender?
  • Is the rice crispy?


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