• Chinese Leek: This vegetable is the top of garlic and similar to a French leek, but is smaller and stronger in flavor. The leaves are a darker green than the scallion and are flat as opposed to hollow.
  • Chinese Scallion/Green Shallot: This is a large scallion. It has bright green, hollow leaves.
  • Gourmet Powder: Either MSG or chicken bouillon.
  • Sweet Wheaten (Flour) Paste: A salty, wheat paste made from wheat flour. Sugar may be substituted in some dishes.
  • Wet Starch: Pour starch (corn is best, potato is acceptable) into the bottom of a small bowl. Top with water. DO NOT STIR. After wet starch has sat for a while, pull starch from bottom of bowl with your fingers. If starch has settled, it maybe stirred.


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