After my time in Colorado, I have gotten out of the habit of planning meals. I find that meal planning is fairly important to me because vegetables from the grocery stores tend to go bad more quickly than I expect them to. The best routine for me is to buy produce for no more than three days at a time- even then I occasionally find them on their way out before I need them. On my only trip to the store after returning to Switzerland, I had no meals planned and just grabbed a handful of vegetables- mostly ones I can feed to 8-month old J. Sure enough, when I reached into the refrigerator tonight to steam some vegetables for J, I found a head of orange cauliflower beginning to turn. I was planning on an easy tortellini dinner (Ian is out of town and I am focusing on simple while we recover from jet lag), but the cauliflower needed to be used immediately. My first thought was to just steam it all up and save it for later. However, I remembered a bag of arugula and decided to use it before it even came close to wilting. My body has been craving vegetables after heavy holiday eating so I decided to make a giant salad. I knew I wanted to roast the cauliflower and decided to toss chickpeas, onion and cumin into the roasting pan. I made a very simple balsamic and olive oil dressing for the arugula, tossed in the roasted ingredients while they were still warm (I love arugula that cooks slightly with warm additions), and sprinkled avocado slices, sunflower seeds and a bit of lemon juice on top. It was a filling, tasty single parent night meal. If I were to make it again, I would prefer pumpkin seeds to sunflower and might toss the roasted cauliflower with yogurt instead of putting a dressing on the arugula. The meal reminded me of the ease and simple deliciousness of roasted vegetables. Yum!