November 7, 2011 · Weekly Menus and Recipes · 2 comments

Somehow this week turned out to be one of those where I didn’t cook all the
 meals I had planned. I’m not sure how it happened, but at the end of the weekend I had a surplus of vegetables as well as a package of smoked salmon that need to be used up. Craving sushi but at home alone with the kids onSunday afternoon, I decided to try Temari (ball) sushi. I imagined that forming the balls would take less time and effort than rolling. I imagined wrong. The Temari sushi took just as long as rolling, and it was quite tricky to figure out how to include some of the ingredients (thankfully both the salmon and nori worked well to “tie” the vegetables onto the ball). However, the balls had the major advantage of allowing D to help me create. We had a great time, and used up all our ingredients. D loved choosing which ingredients to use, and wasn’t too disappointed when I told her we couldn’t include sprinkles.
While not really a faster or easier way to make sushi, the Temari was fun for us to make and may be a repeat.
Check out the following links for the process:
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