January 23, 2010 · Sichuan Cuisine · (No comments)

Last night we invited a few couples over for a Sichuan meal. Thanks to the help to our wonderful ayi, the meal was a success. Our ayi cooked Qing Jiao Rou Si (Pork Shreds with Spicy Peppers), and helped me prep for Suanni Huanggua (Spicy Cucumber with Garlic), Xiangjiao Hei Mu-er (Wood Ear Mushroom with Fresh Pepper), Koushui Ji (Mouthwatering Chicken) and Yuxiang Rousi (Fish-fragrant Pork Shreds).
As 3 of the dishes are cold dishes, I only had to cook the fish-fragrant pork at the last minute. The flavor of the pork turned out quite well. I initially chopped too few pickled chilies and had to add chili paste to get the flavor right. In the end, the pork was a bit overcooked and the sauce was too liquidy. Next time, I will add the pickled peppers, ginger and garlic almost immediately after the pork to speed up the cooking process and keep the pork tender.